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Thank you for reading Dark Lament and enjoying it enough to read more of my work. By entering your email below, you're entering into a drawing for a free copy of the next book in The Black Crusade series when it comes out in 2023.

You will also receive a digital copy of 3 A.M. This collection of short stories dances along the edges between dark fantasy, classic horror, and even cyber-punk, with the goal of breathing new life into some old, familiar tropes. 

You may have already read the first story, Buried Truth, in the back of the Dark Lament ebook, which introduces Detective James Gates. He shows up again later in 3 A.M.

After you sign up, look for updates about Heretic's Song, a serialized prequel novel about Baelen and Marten. Another gift to you. I hope you enjoy them all.

Enter to get three free novels (two for certain, one if you're a drawing winner in 2023).

Thanks for signing up!

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