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Writing Coach $35/hour 

(customized plans have a flat monthly fee. See below for variables)

For writers of all levels. My custom coaching plan will help you reach your publishing, knowledge, and skill-based goals for your career or individual projects. Maybe it's to finish your first novel or to plot out a series. Maybe you need to master a certain skill, or even just workshop ideas. Custom plans meet the needs of the writer. The rate is $35 per hour, charged monthly and is based on the number of coaching sessions, the amount of projected work I have to do offline, your skill level, and needs. 

For example: A plan that includes two sessions a week with 20 hours of offline work (reading, editing, critique, planning, etc...) is about $1,000 a month. Billing per project based on genre and word  count is another option.

Developmental Edit $.01/word

There are so many notes your book needs to hit: structure, character arcs, plot and sub-plots, theme, a strong opening and stronger ending. A developmental edit focuses on these elements and more. I'll lay out a clear plan that ensures your book is everything you want it to be. 


The rate for this service is $.01 per word, which works out to about $1 per 100 words. 50k novel? $500. 


​Most editors charge a great deal more for developmental editing, but this is my specialty. As a fantasy writer, I understand how expensive 100k word novels can get to edit. Also, keep in mind that no amount of copy editing can fix a book with a broken plot or boring characters. 

Manuscript Evaluation $.001/word

Think of it as a beta-read with a detailed report on what’s working and what's not. The book evaluation is 10% of a developmental edit cost-wise on its own. It will identify the type of editing your book will require to meet the goals you've set for it and identify areas in the book that need work. It is not as comprehensive as the developmental edit report but can be used as a guide if you wish to further self-edit. The manuscript evaluation fee is included in the development edit and coaching service if you pursue those services with me. 

Live Book Planning $45/hr

Maybe you don't need a full-time coach and you just want to plot out your next book, or need someone to brainstorm story ideas, or problem solving for existing books. A live planning session, done over web conference, is a great option. 

Booked at a two-hour minimum, which includes any offline prep I must do. You can book as many sessions as you need while slots are available. I won't take on new clients if I don't have the availability. 

Editing & Coaching

Simon Graeme is a storytelling expert, with 20 years of writing experience, which includes editing, coaching, mentoring, and teaching. With a BA in English and Creative Writing, and halfway to an MFA, Simon has wells of knowledge and experience to share. As a former teacher, everything comes from an educational perspective. As a former magazine acquisitions editor, Simon has learned to quickly diagnose storytelling problems with a prescriptive approach based on the philosophy of Whatever is Best For the Book.

Simon is a dark and urban fantasy author who specializes in fantasy storytelling.

COMING SOON: Fantasy Story Forge blog and The Crucible: A Fantasy Narrative Plotting System, an online learning course.

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