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The Self-Publishing Fantasy Blog-Off 9 has begun and I was one of 300 indie authors who managed to enter in the first 41 minutes it was open. My entry was in by the 4 minute mark, but I know a few other's who didn't make it. I was lucky, and I'm quite fortunate to be among some amazing authors.

I've been at this writing thing for almost 20 years now, but Dark Lament is the first novel I've published. It's the first in a series of 4, potentially 5, books in The Black Crusade series. I don't know that dark fantasy is something that's going to appeal to fans of SPFBO or the first round judge for my group, Becky M. Looking at some of her past reviews on her YouTube channel, I get that she is at least open to darker fiction, but I'm not truly sure what she prefers. If this post is your first introduction to me and my work, Dark Lament is a Crusades-inspired dark fantasy novel. To me, dark fantasy means horror with a fantasy setting and tropes. Everyone who comments on the cover says the word "creepy". Many ARC-reviewers said it was like Game of Thrones meets Harry Potter, though one beta-reader said it gave her nightmares. That's a hell of a compliment!

I don't expect to make it through this round. Not because I lack faith in my book, my writing, or even my cover, which I created by the way. Only one book from each group can go through to the next phase and the specific tastes of the judges determines everything. I think Ms. Becky M will give me a fair chance, but I'm not everyone's cup of tea, and she's British so I think she knows tea. I can only really hope for a positive elimination review and to get more eyes on Dark Lament before I launch the next phase of my marketing plan.

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